Joe has dedicated the past decade of his career to helping students see the world through an economics lens. As a full-time NJCU faculty member and the Executive Director of the New Jersey Council for Economic Education, he oversees initiatives aimed at enhancing economic education for New Jersey’s students.


Working in support of nonprofit organizations in the Liberty movement, he and his team have built a philanthropic apparatus to help these institutions monetize their assets and engage their community.


Jeff Gonzalez

Marketing & Business Development

Jeff has dedicated his 20+ year career to business development and digital marketing strategy. From the very beginning Jeff has worked side-by-side with Founder, Joe DiFiglia to help map out the VoEx vision and continually improve the overall strategic planning. Jeff also leads the marketing and development team for VoEx.


Ken Glover

Marketing & Product Architecture

With a background in digital product architecture, Ken provides VoEx with strategic planning, software development, application integration, and digital team management. Ken is actively researching and planning the next steps for VoEx’s continued expansion in Web3.


Alcides Aguasvivas

Project Strategy & Design

Al is deeply passionate for all things NFT and Crypto. He leads our project strategies and has designed the VoEx marketplace among other NFT ventures. Al’s creative background and deep knowledge of NFTs provide VoEx with a strategic advantage both for the marketplace and for individual projects.


Carlos Aguasvivas

Lead Developer

Carlos is dedicated to web and software development. He has been working on Blockchain projects for several years, developing in Javascript, ReactJs, and Solidity. Carlos also acquired working knowledge of the Moralis platform, and Ganache, Truffle, and Remix to do testing on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). Carlos leads the development team in the creation of the VoEx marketplace.